Paul Cox Chopper - Brand New Build - 0 miles

Very rare opportunity to own a genuine Paul Cox Industries chopper without having to get in line behind Brad Pitt, Steven Tyler, etc. 

Paul Cox worked at Indian Larry's side from Psycho Cycles to Gasoline Alley, until Larry passed.  Paul was Larry's best friend and most trusted right hand.

Paul Cox bikes, Indian Larry Legacy bikes, and Indian Larry bikes don't come up on eBay often. 

These bikes are exclusive.  Not just anyone owns one.

These bikes are literally hand made, not just hand-assembled.  Paul machines a lot of the parts, and that costs a lot of money.  

Paul has built fewer than 10 motorcycles in the last 4 years, but each one is astonishing in it's fit and finish and overall design.

The engine was polished and ported. It looks like a Rolex inside..

cam shaft

Maybe Paul's most aggressive design yet, this shovelhead dragster is imbued with a TITANIUM GIRDRAULIC front end.

This is the first titanium girdraulic front suspension ever seen.

Tempus Viator by Paul Cox Industries 

Brad Pitt has a few Paul Cox bikes (Boneshaker, When Push Comes to Shove), Steven Tyler purchased the Wild Child trike.

It's a small club.

Tempus Viator was just completed this winter 2013.

Tempus Viator was featured at the Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show last fall in NYC (September, 2013) albeit without the incredible seat that Paul carved for it, and a different exhaust setup.  Paul changed the exhaust after the BI show, and finished the seat a few weeks later.  


Seat detail

Copper hard-lines with brass fittings for oil and fuel.

Tempus Viator by Paul Cox Industries

  • Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine with fins shaved
  • Morris Magneto
  • PCI Rigidaire seat suspension w/ compressor
  • Custom "off-the-charts" Paul Cox saddle
  • Titanium Girdraulic forks / front suspension
  • Copper hard-lines with brass fittings.. 
  • Jay Brake, PCI premium parts
  • Wire lace wheels by Paul
  • Kick only - no battery - Magneto powered 100%


block and pistons

piston and oil pump

polishing the ports


I lived in NYC when I originally commissioned it, and have since moved to Asia where importing it is prohibitive due to duties and taxes. 

Bike is currently at Paul Cox Industries in Brooklyn, NY.