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Paul Teutul Sr. ~ OCC ~ Orange County Choppers

Cadillac Bike

Beck's Hybrids Trike

U.S. Biker Bike

Cell Buckle Bike

Power Probe Bike

Feather Free Zone Bike

Wyotech Bike

Hard Rock Bike

Hair Club Bike

Trans Am Bike

St. Jude Bike

St. Jude Bike

St. Jude Bike

Headrush Bike

Headrush Bike

Headrush Bike

Headrush Bike

Hair Club Bike

Hair Club Bike

Hair Club Bike

Deadliest Catch

Blue Bomber


Captain America

Orange Bobber

Senior Vintage


Old School Project

Black and White

Gold Maroon

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Orange Black Bike


Purple White Bike

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Sr. Old School

Yellow Bike

Classic Blue Bagger

Cream Bagger
This is the 2011 Biker Build-Off result by OCC.  

Paul Teutul Sr. ~ OCC ~ Orange County Choppers
Paul Teutul Sr.

OCC Headquarters - Newburgh, NY

911 Tribute Rally left for NYC.  Iw as a very humbling experience to watch about 3500 bikes thunder out of here.  Today take time to thank Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT workers and Military for all the work they do and most of all remember the vistims from that tragic day 10 years ago.

Paul with best friend, Gus  RIP
About Paul Teutul Sr.
Known to the world as the massive and mustachioed father, in a sleeveless tee with tattooed biceps bulging who owns a custom bike shop, thanks to TLC's hit reality series American ChopperPaul Teutul Sr. has been the forefront of Orange County Choppers for more than ten years. OCC originally started as a sideline to his steel manufacturing business which was founded in the 1970's. Paul Sr. began building custom motorcycles on the side as a hobby and in 1999 he founded the now world famous Orange County Choppers.

Iron Works:  Fresh out of the merchant marine, Senior works on various welding and fabrication jobs.  Realizing he can do the job better than his employers, he starts Paul's Welding.  Eventually this becomes Orange County Ironworks, a 30-person business.

Basement Bikes:  Senior's love for motorcycles and tinkering becomes an obsession.  In his Montgomery basement, he customizes his 1974 Superglide into the Sunshine Bike.

Taking it on the Road:  The Sunshine Bike leads to True Blue, the first chopper Senior made from original parts.  Attention follows at bike shows in Daytona and Laconia, and Orange County Choppers is officially in business.

Going Pro:  Hard work and a little luck lead Senior and his Rock Tavern crew to a documentary film crew and within months, Paul Senior is a household name.  In 2008 OCC opened a new HQ in Newburgh, NY with over 50 employees making over 100 bikes each year.

Teutul grew up in Pearl River, New York.
In a few episodes of American Chopper, Teutul has alluded to past abuse of drugs and alcohol. He has stated that he was a frequent cocaine user and according to him, "had basically done any drug around". During an episode in which his son Mikey Interviewed OCC's staff for the website, he asked his father, "What is your best memory?" to which Teutul responded, "Gettin' sober." Additionally, he has mentioned having "missed out"on most of his children's childhood. 

Orange County Choppers (OCC) is a custom and production motorcycle manufacturer based in Orange CountyNew York that was founded by Paul Teutul Sr and Paul Teutul Jr in 1999. The company was featured on American Chopper, a reality TV show that debuted in September 2002 on the Discovery Channel, which has contributed to the company's quick rise to fame. In 2007, Discovery Channel's sister channel TLC picked up the series in the United States and Canada. A new international headquarters designed to combine their production and retail facilities was constructed in the Town of Newburgh and opened April 24, 2008.

OCC is best known for the bikes featured on American Chopper where bikes are built around a theme or increasingly, for specific corporate or celebrity customers. The company has built custom bikes long before beginning the Discovery Channel show. Additionally, OCC launced a limited edition production line of motorcycles in July 2007, priced beginning at$31,000.  These bikes include design elements originally developed for bikes featured on the show. 

Other television appearances
The Teutul family appeared in the My Name is Earl episode "Stole a Motorcycle".  In this episode, it is discovered that Earl Hickey had stolen an OCC motorcycle with the help of his brother Randy.  They had found the motorcycle outisde the OCC garage with its keys left in the ignition.  While intoxicated, Earl and Randy lose the bike.  Randy finds the motorcycle and returns it to the Teutul family.  At this point, Paul Sr. finds out that the keys had been in the ignition and Mikey admits to having done this. The Teutuls appeared on an episode of Miami Ink where Paul Sr. received a tattoo form Ami James. The Teutuls also appered in the show King of the Hill as a family including just Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Mikey where Strickland embarks on a propane price war so he hires the Teutuls from "American Chopper" to spark sales at the Propane Expo. But the Teutuls only manage to start a riot. Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey also appear in the music video for Nickelback's single "Rockstar". Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. make cameo appearances in the movie Wild Hogs. The Teutuls appeared on NBC game show Celebrity Family Feud on June 24, 2008 winning $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In April 2009, QVC, in honor of the OCC's tenth anniversary, had a studio/remote show. Paul Sr. was in QVC's studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania selling various tenth anniversary merchandise while his sons were in Orange County at the soon-to-open OCC World Headquarters showing bikes and the new facility.

Three Teutuls appeared in another TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. In this episode, Jon goes to OCC and helps design and build a motorcycle for himself and Mikey designs a motor-scooter for Kate. Pul Sr. and Jon are seen alluding to each family's discord. Mikey and the other coach the nervous and unadventurous Kate on her first motorbike ride on the long driveway at the Gosselin's home.

Paul Teutul Sr. OCC
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