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A shovelhead built on sleep deprivation, beer, & smokes
CUSTOM 1975 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLH | SHOVELHEADS AREN’T DEAD I purchased the bike back in 2003 on my 21st birthday. It was then that I got the urge to buy my first bike. The bike’s previous owner was an old family friend, and he moved to Chicago where it basically sat for years. After a few phone calls, a deal was struck and I was on my way to Chicago in my brother’s truck and two friends. It was pretty much a plain-Jane stock bike that was black with whitewalls and missing the crappy front banana caliper. I rode it around that way for about a month, and that was long enough before I had to start making it mine.
1973 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Chopper
I picked up this bike as basket case about seven years ago, and even though I was building my first bike (a Twin Cam rigid), I knew that at $1,500 it was something I couldn’t pass. My original plan was to build more of a stock-looking Shovelhead with minor tweaks here and there, use up some of my spare parts I had lying around, and keep the original frame. I messed around with it for about a year whenever I had time and eventually realized that I was going to need to go a different direction in the build. I ended up ordering a stock rake 0 stretch rigid frame, and got it to a roller state. I then began to see in my head exactly what I was after.