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75 Harley-Davidson FL Chopper | Street Chopper
Custom 1975 Harley-Davidson FL Chopper Between Rhett, Big Will, and Jason Hancock there isn’t much that The Butcher Chop boys don’t get done or do in-house at their shop. Rhett and the rest of the boys in Danville are all good as gold in my book. You don’t find many like them anymore. Each of them would drop anything to help a friend out no matter what. The “Tater Digger” here is a terrific example of what I mean when I say The Butcher Chop can do all the work in-house.
I’ve known Rhett Holley and the rest of The Butcher Chop boys going on about four years now. Their shop is located in Danville, Virginia. In fact, you may have heard of Danville but didn’t know it. Johnny Cash sang about the place in “The Wreck of The Old 97.” Danville is where Old 97 jumped off the track.