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Born to be mild: Harley Davidson unveils its environmentally friendly bike of the future... but critics say it's quieter than a lawnmower
The Wisconsin-based company has unveiled it first electric bike Harley fans are cynical about the low-noise, low-pollution hog It is seen as a bold move, as the company is known for its big touring bikes But they are now hoping to become a leader in developing electric vehicles LiveWire bike can go 0-60mph in 4 seconds and has a range of 50 miles Engineers are hoping the bike will be able to travel 100 miles before it needs recharging The electric bike is supposedly quieter than a lawnmower The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has said it is dedicated to having electric powered motorbikes on the road within the next five years. The company had been touting its LiveWire e-powered concept bike for years, but only within the last couple weeks has the firm committed to a timeline on production of the pioneering vehicle. 'Harley-Davidson will produce an electric motorcycle for customers within the next five years,' writes Harley Senior Vice President of Global Demand Sean Cummings in the Milwaukee Business Journal.