92 Rat Rod Sportster

SOLD!!!   Best offer! 1992 Sporty with a 1250 big bore kit from land speed record holder NHRS.  This kit provided domed CP racing pistons with 10.5:1cr which requires high octane fuel.  S&S Super E carb, stage 1 head port with ported S&S intake and Crane Fireball adjustable ignition.  Also installed are Buell use Andrews N4 cams that hit hard from 3500 RPM up to 6700 redline.  I have 2004 Screamin Eagle heads in another auction that can be run up to 7000rpm as they sit due to their bee hive valve springs.  If you get a stage three port job on those heads this big bore kit is close to 100hp! 

Swing arm is professionally stretched 2 1/2" to keep the front wheel on the ground, which helped a little.  It still comes up at 2nd and 3rd gear changes.  The Deuce rear wheel allows a 170 tire, which still has some good life left.  The stock rear fender has been widened 1" to clear the larger 170 tire.  The front wheel is a  21" 80 spoke with a good tire.  The 5 gallon flat side tanks are about 1 year old with the best looking rust patina I've seen.

Salvaged from a Titan chopper are struts, soft side saddle bags, and sissy bar back rest which all required widening and stretching of the rear sub frame.  The mini narrow apes are 14" with 3" risers and hidden wires.  The custom leather is my work and has been on the bike for about 5 years so its not perfect but broken in nicely.  I freshened up the dye and resealed it last week for the ROT rally.  It also has stainless brake lines an clutch cable. 

Not shown in photos - Some of the photos show Road King shocks with lowering blocks but they have been replaced with Gabriel air shocks without lowering blocks that allow to be dumped all the way (can be ridden all the way down).  It has an onboard air pump from a Voyager, a dump valve and three way momentary switch allowing similar operation to that of Legend or Arnott systems.  The air shocks mate well with the front suspension that was upgraded to Screamin Eagle heavy fork oil.  Rides great 2 up.  A new faux brass limp dick brake light replaced the side mount model A to allow the saddle bags.  The two up seat was recovered this month.  Battery was replaced about 2 months ago and stays connected to a tender.  Horn has been removed for the relocation of the coil.  A temporary horn will need to be installed for inspection time.  Wires are still there and the button works.  The odometer on the new smaller speedometer reads about 7700 which was installed shortly after the big bore kit.  The doner motor is a 1996 883cc.

Although this bike has won a first place trophy in a Rat Rod class, this isn't a show bike.  All chrome is pitted like it should be, nothing is shiny but its clean like a rat rod should be.  Ive had it stripped to the frame, cleaned and touched it up about a year ago.  This thing was built too ride, and I have about 8000 miles of shake down time so all is good.  She runs like a raped ape!   Many other photos available.