2010 Kenny Boyce FXR Harley Pro Street

I just dropped the price from $12000 to $10000 because I need cash now! Below is my old ad and everything about the bike. This is a cash sale price right now and if you have a trade it needs to be worth at least $12000.

This is a 94 Kenny Boyce FXR Frame with way too much to list. Has a 3 page build sheet and has been a build since 94&#39. Just recently started still in the break in process. I have 157 miles on it now. Its a Sputhe case with Sputhe jugs 106cc Evo base, Balanced S&ampS crank and flywheel, Carillo rods, Jim Feuling 4 valve polished and ported heads with dual plentum and dual carbs on it right now but it has the single plentum intake for it as well. Everything is new with the exception of the 157 miles on everything now.

The transmission is a Harley 5 speed with Zippers performance over sized gearing that is a perfect match setup that will just walk away from any Harley. The nitro is plumbed in but I didn&#39t wire it up, thats all it needs to work. The torque on this bike is unreal.

The original builder had approx. $30000 into it and he was an airline machinist so there is some custom precision made parts on the bike of his design. Its registered as a 2010. It had 0 on the odometer when I got it. I have changed the oil twice and have been very meticulous on the rechecking of loose bolts and what not through out.

Has performance machine Calipers, rotors and controls and the wheels are also performance machine.

I&#39m looking to trade for something of equal value in the $12000 price range. Maybe a classic, another Harley daily driver and cash, property or ??? I will take a combination trade with cash for whatever is not the equivalent value. The price on this bike is right and in reality should be a $20000 minimum price tag on it but I am being reasonable on the price and expect the same on the trade.
The tank is to honor Jim Feuling and all his awesome work. He passed in 2001 so thats why its on the tank.